Friday, July 21, 2017


Dive on in!

[EDIT: yo, I just edited that so it goes to the Friends link ... been having a devil of a time consolidating my for-real Goodreads account.]

Some of my Facebook friends are on Goodreads, so I went in and spent a little time revitalizing my Goodreads profile, which was tied to a now-defunct Facebook page (I have a Charon Dunn author page on Facebook now, in case you want to check out my likeage).

I have token representation on a lot of platforms like Goodreads and Facebook and Google+ and more writer and reader forums than I can remember, but this blog is where I mainly hang out and write reviews and bloviate and stuff.  I don't do Amazon and Goodreads reviews, yet, although I haven't ruled it out for future plans. Eventually I may consolidate, once I find a platform that's comfortable for me and my readers to hang out, until then you'll find me here.

I do rate books on Goodreads. It pained me, but I just decommissioned a bunch of 5-star reviews to 4, because it was getting perilously close to meaningless. My 5-star ratings are currently reserved for Watership Down, Options, Game of Thrones (the whole series) and Dark Tower (the whole series), subject to reconsideration.

I realize some people prefer to have a slate of pure 5-star reviews, and I don't want to mess up their perfection with any of my 4-star ratings, so if I see a forest of 5s I'll steer clear. Similarly, if your book has a bunch of 1-star reviews, I'm going to avoid irritating your huge clique of enemies until I have enough time to look at the facts and decide whether or not they're wrong. If you can live with feedback in the 2-4 range, drop me a note.

Per my normal review policy, I'll be glad to hand out Goodreads ratings if given a review copy, although I won't do it for money or sex or cupcakes or anything like that.

My Goodreads reading is NOT limited to YA, so that's the only place I'll opine on books for adults (and books for little kids).  My tastes are eclectic, as you might notice.  It's also very incomplete. Every once in a while I have the patience to sit still and rate things I read long ago, but that's not a frequent thing.

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