Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Brother Suddenly Appears

I'm getting a lot of hits on my Coco review. I was wondering if it was too whiny, over my lack of a family to post my mug on their offrenda, and I think the universe heard and responded, because now I have a brother.

He found me on 23andMe, which sends me notices about new 5th cousins all the time, to the point where they don't even register. So I breezed right past the notifying email, and then my Facebook messenger went off, and I buzzed over to 23andMe, and I share 24.5% DNA (1825 cM in common) with my new brother Rick.

Rick showed me many mind-boggling photos of relatives, and now I know what I will look like at age 70, peering at the world from a kindly and wrinkled face. He types as fast as me, he got all my Star Wars references and we had a great talk. He runs a martial arts studio, of all things, so I suppose I've got a brother that can beat people up, if it ever comes to that (and he's got a sister who knows how to file lawsuits, so we've got the bases covered). 

The crazy part? We were born four days apart. So we're like twins with different mothers. Obviously we lack psychic twin abilities, otherwise we would have known about each other well before reaching our fifties, but I'm still open minded as far as, say, space alien genetic experiments, or demigod parentage, or Jedi stuff. 

Also, even though I'm an evolutionary dead end (for the most part), now I have ... a nephew ... a sister-in-law ... maybe even someone with an actual offrenda. Or the Irish version, whatever that may be. I will keep you posted on how this develops. 

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