Monday, September 15, 2014

My Mews

Cat picture time!  This is my cat, T.B. Kahuna.

He helps me write my unpublished novels.

He’s the first thing I see every morning. 

He is pretty big.  Bigger than all the Harry Potters and the long version of The Stand, and then some. 

In fact, he’s so big he doesn’t really fit in my lap.  He weighed 31 pounds when this picture was taken but he’s now down to a nice slender 28 and the vet is pleased. 

He’s a purebred Ragdoll with a long pedigree, and no front claws, and too many names, and I got him from a rescue (this one). I wanted a companion for my female Ragdoll, Tallulah. They were happy for a couple of years, then I suddenly lost Tallulah to kidney failure. 

Tallulah was companion to my rabbit. He was a rather exceptional rabbit. I could write epic sagas about him, and maybe one day I shall.

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